Wednesday, September 6, 2017

"Queerly Tèhuäntin | Cuir Us" brings together Queer and Chicanx Identities

By Matthew Harrison Tedford
Gabriel García Román, “Carlos & Fernando” (2016) from the “Queer Icons” series (image courtesy of the artist)
SAN FRANCISCO---Rurru Mipanochia’s phantasmagorical and erotic paintings set the tone for Queerly Tèhuäntin | Cuir Us, an exhibition at Galería de la Raza in San Francisco that explores the intersection of queer and Chicanx and Mexican identities. The appropriation of traditional imagery is often discussed in terms of negations or deconstructions, but I don’t see the works in Queerly Tèhuäntin | Cuir Us as iconoclastic. Rather than serving as destructive images, these pieces are affirmations and constructions. Tèhuäntin means “us” in Nahuatl, and the works on display here are self-reflexive and forward-thinking representations of a community. Queerly Tèhuäntin | Cuir Us continues at Galería de la Raza (2857 24th Street, San Francisco) through October 7. [More]
Rurru Mipanochia, “Zotz 1” (2017) (image courtesy of the artist)