Sunday, December 10, 2017


By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
"Zoo of Lusts" (2015) by Jeremie Riggleman. Acrylic, photos & resin, Edition of 5 & AP
Jeremie Riggleman is our favorite creator of Christian kitsch. He simultaneously honors the sacred while spotlighting the odd and eccentric. His “Zoo of Lusts” is a 36 x 36-inch work in acrylic, photo and resin with an open-ended narrative featuring fifteen toy animals, including an "angel" bear, that watch-over the sleeping baby Jesus in his manger. As far as we know, none of these elements have ever been assembled together in a nativity painting before. Riggleman shipped one of its five editions this week to be included in "The Beautiful,” a traveling group exhibition of 35 contemporary works organized by Christians in the Visual Arts. CIVA is a national association of artists and arts administrators, and by the way, Ernest is a member too. Born, in Owosso, MI, today Riggleman teaches art at Taylor University in Upland, IN. Check out Jeremie Riggleman’s “Zoo of Lusts” next month at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI.

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Jeremie Riggleman in his studio
"Half-Ass Sheep (White)" by Jeremie Riggleman
"Domestic Totem" by Jeremie Riggleman
Jeremie Riggleman's Instagram account