Saturday, March 7, 2020

Can a Museum Full of Sacred Art Fit in One Book?

SAN FRANCISCO — From paintings of icons to saints to the life of Christ, more than one hundred pages are filled with beautiful, religious art of Michael O’Brien in a new book aptly titled THE ART OF MICHAEL D. O’BRIEN. Readers won’t need to go to a museum, university or website to pray and meditate using religious art; it’s all in the book, which compiles some of O’Brien’s most stunning work and includes explanations of the art. In THE ART OF MICHAEL D. O’BRIEN, the artist presents and comments on many of his important pieces. He explains his development as a religious artist and his philosophy of sacred art. The vibrancy, originality and variety of his work are on display in more than one hundred twenty full-color reproductions of his paintings and Byzantine-style icons. Also included are some of his drawings and other works in black and white. [More]