Monday, November 2, 2009

A&O PRIZE FOR CLERGY (2009): Father Luke

By Ernest Britton
NEW YORK CITY - In recognition of his role as a rock-n-roller in Harlem and as a young Priest, Tahlib, a co-founder of the blog, Alpha Omega Arts announced today that Father Luke is the first inductee for the new A&O Prize for Clergy Advocates.

Tahlib said, "I certainly didn't expect to find a Roman Catholic monk who was also a rock musician as I boarded the flight from Indianapolis back home to NYC." Dressed, in the frigid January cold wearing a pair of sandals with woolly black socks, a thick grey robe, and a dusty-looking rope tied around his waist from which a huge wooden cross dangled, he hardly knew what to make of the monk waiting not far from him at the Indianapolis International Airport.

Once the passengers were called for boarding however, Tahlib quickly dismissed him as an eccentric, but God had other plans. "When I made my way to my seat on the plane," said Tahlib, "I found that the strange monk was already seated in the chair next to mine." Forced into an uncomfortable situation with a strange looking man, Tahlib began to share his life in NYC, and the young monk from a farm in Indiana began doing the same. Both idealists, Tahlib, a Civil Rights activists and Luke a Priest the too were soon engaged in an exciting conversation about faith, commitment and the power of art.

Father Luke is a one member of a group of young musicians & Franciscan Friars who are now giving rock concerts at their growing monastery in Harlem/NYC, all as part of their evangelizing efforts. Tahlib is a day-time Civil Rights activist, full time Christian and artist advocate. [link]