Monday, November 1, 2010

INSPIRE ME! Artist-of-Month Submissions

By Tahlib

The lives of significant artists are inseparable from their art. Are you willing to share yours? This is your chance! The process is simple: Answer seven questions (25-50 words each) and send images as illustration of those answers. You will then be added to the Artist Advisory Board and to the""Artist" roster" for Alpha Omega Arts News. Lastly, you will be profiled as an INSPIRE ME! Artist of the Month with a permanent link direct to your website site via this profile.

Interested? Here's the format:
  1. What is your faith tradition, and how does it impact your art? 
  2. Describe your artwork. What style or genre is it? 
  3. Have you ever had to defend exploring religious ideas? 
  4. Who collects your work, and why? 
  5. What "risks" have you taken in creating your work? 
  6. Which artists have influenced your style or direction? (Send image as example) 
  7. How can A&O readers collect/experience your work?
Please remember: (a) to include each question along with your response on a word document; (b) include list of artwork titles and years of creation for each question; (c) also send the jpegs for each artwork title along with your own photo (7 is the magic number of images). Lastly, (d) and send it all to our Founder: "Ernest(at)", and please keep your writing in first-person to keep the interview personal, and inspirational!

PS. Adding a head shot in your studio helps A&O believers make that personal connection too. If you forget, I will follow-up to make the ask.
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Jeffrey Augustine Sangco, Grand Rapids, MI (December 2017)
Kelvin Burzon, Bloomington, IN (November 2017)