Friday, July 1, 2011

INSPIRE ME! Artist, Enrique Chagoya

Resurrection by Enrique Chagoya
By Ernest Disney-Britton

Last month, Enrique Chagoya surprised many of his fans by creating an elegantly beautiful painting of Jesus Christ, and then gifting it to an evangelical church in Colorado. It was such as surprise that when we announced it here on Alpha Omega Arts one of our more skeptical readers responded, "It must be a joke!" But no, it was not a joke. Chagoya, who is also an acknowledged Christian was inspired to share this gift in response to an act of love and charity by the pastor of a Colorado church. Today, the life-sized depiction of Christ, draped in a ribbon of Love is on display at its new home, Resurrection Fellowship Church in Loveland, CO. It is for invoking his Creator Spirit to create a work of love, and for taking only a respite from his more traditional works of protest art, we salute Enrique Chagoya as the INSPIRE ME artist for July 2011. The following is a chronology of events:

Chagoya painting in his studio

SEPT 11, 2010: Enrique Chagoya's art print, "Misadventures of the Sacred Cannibals" goes on display at the Loveland Museum Gallery in Loveland, CO. Protests from religious extremists follows shortly after.

OCT. 7, 2010: Following a serious of protests and news media reports of the artwork being "Blasphemous" a Truck driver from Minnesota drove down to the Colorado museum and destroyed the work.

OCT. 20, 2010: Pastor Jonathon Wiggins of Resurrection Fellowship Church reveals to his evangelical congregation why he did not join the protests, and why instead he reached out to the artist. It was part of a sermon entitled, "Tougher Than Nails."

JUNE 19, 2011: Rev. Jonathon Wiggins, Pastor of Resurrection Fellowship Church unviels the gift of the painting to his congregation on Father's Day as part of a sermon, "Tougher Than Nails." The painting brought the evangelical congregation to its feet in thunderous applause of approval and gratitude.

Portrait hangs in Resurrection Church
This inspirational story is a personal favorite of mine. It is the ideal example of how the uniting of the Creator & Believer spirits can come together in a joyous Celebration of One Community of the faithful. To find out how to submit your story as an INSPIRE ME! Artist, visit the page: [Inspire Me!]