Sunday, July 3, 2011

BELIEVER FOR ARTISTS: Pastor Jonathon Wiggins | CO

By Tahlib
Last October, in the tense days following the destruction of the controversial religious-themed artwork, "The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals" at a Colorado museum, Pastor Jonathon Wiggins reached out to the affected artist and offered a hand of friendship (Watch video). Wiggins is the young evangelical pastor of Resurrection Fellowship Church in Loveland, Colorado, and he didn't have to get involved. The museum's display of the artwork by California art professor Enrique Chagoya had sparked a firestorm in the Loveland community and as it grabbed national media attention, other clergy questioned his absence from the protest. Following a series of private exchanges with Wiggins, the artist offered to paint, for free, a "beautiful" portrait of Jesus for Resurrection Fellowship Church. On Sunday, June 19, 2011 (Father's Day), the massive new portrait was unveiled at the end of Wiggin's sermon to the thunderous applause of his appreciative congregation (Watch full sermon on video below).

Alpha & Omega Project for Contemporary Religious Arts salutes Pastor Jonathon Wiggins as its first Believer For Artists (BFA).

***If you know a member of the American clergy who is working to bridge the artist & church divide, please nominate them today!


Jonathan Wiggins said...

Hello Alpha Omega Arts,

My Media Pastor Adam Lowry brought your article to my attention.

Thanks so much for reporting on this remarkable story. I had no idea what kind of attention my church and I would receive as a result of my interaction with Enrique Chagoya. Having said that, it is refreshing to read this article from you as you seem to grasp what I was trying to do as a christian and as a pastor.

It is my honor to be the first official Believer For Artists (BFA).

Jonathan Wiggins

Tahlib said...

Dear Pastor:

We are so pleased with your response to being recognized as the first BFA. Your leadership in crossing this Artist vs Believers divide has moved us deeply and inspired us even more.

On behalf of the Board and Friends of Alpha Omega Arts, we Thank you.