Saturday, July 2, 2011

Travel to Japan's Miho Museum

Pakistan, Gandhara, second half of the 2nd century AD
JAPAN - The Miho Museum is a must-see for its inspiring architecture. Designed by IM Pei, the architect behind the Louvre, this extraordinary museum is built into a mountain, which was moved to make room for its construction. After work was done, builders moved the mountain back by returning each tree to its original spot. The site covers 1 million sqm and three-quarters of the 17,400 sqm building is underground. Beyond the remarkable architecture, the museum's collections feature Buddhist art, porcelain and the art of the ancient world with 2,000 items from Asian and Western cultures. Miho Museum is at 300 Momodani, Shigaraki, Shiga. Admission, $15 adult, $5 child. [link]