Monday, December 19, 2011

Art Show Displays Similarities Between Christianity and Shia Islam

By Fizza Hassan
PAKISTAN - In a country where it is easy to label an act as “blasphemy”, it would be impious, if not blasphemous, to not see the art collection. The opening of a two-person show – Komail Aijazuddin’s ‘Altars’ and Muhammad Ali’s ‘Condolence Theatre’ – was recently held at the Canvas Gallery. Out of 17 artworks that are on display, five are Ali’s paintings, whereas 12 are Aijazuddin’s altars. While the material worked on and the philosophy behind the art is entirely different, the two young artists have presented the similarities Christianity and Islam, especially Shi’ism, share. Aijazuddin’s altars celebrate weddings – a reference to the wedding of Qasim in Karbala – and pay homage to St Sebastian, a Christian saint.  Holding in high regard the great martyr of Islam, Imam Hussain, and St Sebastian, it was natural for Aijazuddin to objectify the two historical personalities. [link]