Thursday, March 1, 2012

INSPIRE ME! Artist, Todd Fox

I didn’t just decide to paint
on the Passion on my own. It was a calling.

By Ernest Disney-Britton

When I first glimpsed Todd Dayton Fox's series: "Portraits of the Passion", I was stunned with absolute excitement for what I experienced. In the tradition of Surrealists, such as Salvador Dali (and also Walt Disney), Todd turns a story we Christians know so well, and creates a uniquely different dream-like journey from it. It's the kind of visual journey that makes you "re-think" what you thought you already knew. Todd has gone through his own set of challenges during his journey, but his faith in God, unique imagination, and creator spirit makes this Midwestern talent, the INSPIRE ME! Artist of the Month for March 2012.

1. What is your faith tradition, and where did you develop into an artist who explores religion? I was raised in a Christian household, in a small Christian town, so it’s only natural that, as I grow older, I paint with more religious messages in my work. To be honest I didn’t just decide to paint on the Passion on my own. It was a calling.

Artist, Todd Fox in front of "Forgiven Amen" | The Resurrection
2. How do you describe your art? Why style or genre is it? My Portrait of the Passion series was created in surrealism. I wanted to paint something that would capture and demand the attention from all who saw them. Using a surrealistic approach, in my work, allows me to speak express my innermost thoughts and desires through my art.

3. Have you ever had to defend exploring religious themes? I’ve been fortunate enough that I’ve never had to defend my religion. However, if a time comes to do so, I hope I’ll handle it as constructively as possible. I don’t paint to preach but to provoke thought within the viewer. I think everyone appreciates that.

4. What do your collectors say about your work? Everyone that I have spoken to are very positive about what they see. Using birds, in the Passion, is unique to them and that creates excitement. It brings a fresh look to a story that has been painted many times. They also enjoy the compositions of my work.

5. Who would you like to collect your work? I created this series to be shared and discussed. I hope that a collector would be interested in the same thing. My calling to paint the Portrait of the Passion was to re-create this powerful story for current art lovers and for the generations to come.
6. What other artists have influenced your style, or commitment? Salvador Dali was my biggest influence in the visual arts. Music has also been a major factor in my life. A few bands, such as White Heart and Carman helped mold my imagination during my youth. Mix them together and you get the art of Todd Dayton Fox. (laughing)

"Crucifixion" (1954) by Salvador Dali 
Metropolitan Museum of Art | Photo courtesy of Tahlib
7. Where can A&O readers find others like yourself?  I’ll be honest with you. I don’t know many Christian artists who create Surrealisms, the way I do, in today’s art world. It seems as if people believe that these two ingredients are not compatible. However, I’m sure they’re out there and, if they are, I’d like to meet them.

To explore more of the work of Todd Dayton Fox, please visit his website at, and make a purchase. I plan to do the same. You can also follow Todd on Twitter (I do that too) at