Thursday, November 8, 2012

“The Life of the Shoe” (2012) by Samreen Uzzama. Photograph | 12th Grade

By Samreen Uzzama
“The Life of the Shoe” (2012) by Samreen Uzzama. Photograph | 12th Grade
This portrays the journey of life seeking religion and faith. The show represents man’s experiences leaving impressions, impact, and influence on his own views. Of the two shoes, one represents the impacts of different belief systems, while the other shoe symbolized fun and playfulness of life. As life goes on, the white shoe becomes one colored with experience, ad it has gone to many places. [Vote on FaceBook]

Indiana Interchurch Center: "2012 A&O Prize for Youth: Swinging My Feet" (Ends December 31, 2012), 1100 W. 42nd Street, IIC Gallery, Indianapolis, IN (317) 923-3617,

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Ernest O. Britton said...

Congratulations to Samreen Uzzama on winning the 2012 A&O Prize for Youth. This $500 Scholarship Prize can be used for attendance at any accredited Indiana college for any major.