Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Power2Give Helps Put Women on a Pedestal

By Gregory A. Disney
"Untitled" by Gina Baird. Clay, acrylic paint, shell, beads, 4"x9"
Do you think women should be put on pedestals? We do in Indiana, and today we got some help. The Arts Council of Indianapolis launched power2give tonight, a Kickstarter-like crowdfunding platform to support the arts in Indianapolis. Our Alpha Omega Arts project is entitled "Put a Woman on a Pedestal", and it features a 9 inch high statue by Gina Baird (above). Gina's work will be one of 20 portraits on display this January 11-February 28 at Indiana Interchurch Center (IIC Gallery), and it needs a pedestal for the "A Portrait of Womanhood" exhibition. Tjhe cost for an exhibition pedestal is $200. Altogether, six sculptures will be in the show but thankfully, the Indianapolis Art Center loaned us five pedestals, and we may only need to purchase one more of our own. Please help us put Gina Baird on a pedestal.

IIC Gallery: "A Portrait of Womanhood" (January 11-February 28, 2013), 1100 W. 42nd Street #110, Indianapolis, IN

Artist Statement: Art-making is extremely important to me both personally and professionally. It is a part of who I am and what I do; it is what I choose to place my faith in. I am continually fascinated by art and its ability to guide and to heal through its creative processes. As an artist and an art therapist, I enjoy exploring a variety of techniques and a variety of materials. I chose to utilize both traditional and non-traditional techniques to express myself. I believe in giving whole-heartedly to the creative process and I am most inspired by my dreams, nature, animals, personal introspection, and the symbols and images that reside within me. I allow my art to teach me and through this teaching it has become my life’s great work, the best representation of who I am. I use art to connect with others and to explore the deep and complex regions within myself. Art has allowed me to start conversations with myself, and with others, without the weight and limitations of words. I rely on art as a way to soothe and nurture myself, to process and lift the heavy burdens of working with people struggling with their lives; I rely on art to celebrate life and love, to inspire myself, to challenge myself, and to expand my personal growth. It is through my art that I give the best and most meaningful parts of myself to others.

Artist Biography: Gina M. Baird, LMHC, ATR-BC, received her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Art Therapy from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. She is a registered and Board Certified Art Therapist, as well as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Throughout her career she has worked in unique and diverse settings that include homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, school-based services, youth and adult inpatient hospitalization units, and residential treatment centers, as well as running her own successful private practice. Gina is currently employed at The Julian Center and she specializes in working with women and children who have a history of trauma. She is an Art Therapy Adjunct Instructor for St. Mary of the Woods, and provides clinical supervision at her private practice. She has been awarded numerous grants throughout her career as a therapist that have supported her art and her clinical work. Her art has been exhibited professionally and she is published in numerous publications. Gina features a blog regarding her art at her website