Thursday, May 23, 2013

Solias Mendis Paintings Calm the Mind and Eye

Murals by Solias Mendis depicting the main events of Lord Buddha’s life at the Kelaniya temple
SRI LANKA---They say that all your sins will be washed away if you set foot once in Kelaniya, the land Lord Buddha famously visited thousands of years ago on a Vesak Poya day. And the stresses of the harried mind are swept away on stepping into the hallowed halls of the Kelaniya temple’s shrine room, where the incomparable murals of Solias Mendis capture the imagination. Kelaniya, is important to Buddhist devotees for many reasons; the primary one being Lord Buddha’s visit to Kelaniya in order to settle a dispute that had erupted between the Naga KingsChulodara and Mahodara- over a gem studded throne. Significantly this visit was on a Vesak full-moon Poya day. [link]