Friday, November 1, 2013

2013 A&O Prize for Artwork of Year: "Golden Sea” by Makoto Fujimura

Makoto Fujimura, “Golden Sea,” 2011.
Mineral Pigments and Gold on Kumohada, 80 × 64”. 
NEW YORK---The chair, Gregory Disney-Britton, the board, and the members of Alpha & Omega Project for Contemporary Religious Arts are pleased to announce the 2013 inductee for artwork of the year: "Golden Sea". Created by Makoto Fujimura, the selection honors the work of contemporary religious art that had the greatest influence in bridging the art vs. religion divide in the United States during the past year. "Throughout human history, religions and art have been joined as part of the wider quest for meaning. "Golden Sea" shows why we need both," said chairman Disney-Britton. Featured this past May at Manhattan's Dillon Gallery, the "Golden Sea" exhibition of new works, coincided with publication of Fujimura's first retrospective monograph, as well as a biographical documentary.

Since 2008, Alpha Omega Arts has been surveying members about the impact of Religious Art experiences in the United States, and awarding the ALPHA OMEGA PRIZE.

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Ernest Disney-Britton said...

Received our signed monograph in mail today. It's so beautiful, and even more here at home than in the gallery where I first saw it. The images, the verse, the impact. It's all I need for Christmas, and signed by the winner of the 2013 A&O Prize for Artwork of Year.