Monday, November 4, 2013

2013 A&O Prize for Philanthropy is 10,000 Buddhist Relics to California Temple

CALIFORNIA---Which act of philanthropy from 2013 will have the biggest influence on U.S. Religious Art collecting? Throughout human history, religions and art have been joined as part of the wider quest for meaning. "That is why we need both," says Greg Disney-Britton, chair of the Alpha & Omega Project for Contemporary Religious Arts in Indianapolis. Since 2008, Alpha Omega Arts has been surveying our members about the impact of Religious Art in the United States, and this year the members picked the donation of 10,000 Buddhist relics to a temple in California as the winner. "There has been a tremendous surge in collecting Buddhist Art, and not only in the United States but in China and other places around the world," say Disney-Britton.