Friday, November 1, 2013

Taking a Risk: Seven Days of Giving to Support Creation

By Gregory Disney-Britton

Color me risky! 33 artists are taking a "risk with religion" in Indianapolis this November, and I need your help to say "thank you" by giving to the Alpha Omega Prize - artist fund (Until Nov. 8, 2013). Working professionals, emerging artists, and one youth winner are now on display at Indiana Interchurch Center as part of the 2013 Spirit & Place Festival. The theme is "risk" and for seven days, I invite you to make a gift to thank an artist for taking the risk to explore religious ideas in the exhibition. One of the artists said they were concerned people would be angry about his relationship with religion, but he took the risk and is in the show. Another said, she was concerned that people wouldn't appreciate her positive relationship with religion, but she took the risk and she is here too. A third asserted her belief as an Atheist---but all are welcome, and included in this exhibition. [To give: click here]