Friday, December 5, 2014

Museo Nacional de Arte Shows Less Exhibited Mexican Masterpieces From its Holdings

Andres de Concha, The Holy Family and Saint John (La sagrada familia y
san Juan Bautista), n/d. Oil on wood, 132 x 118 cm. Museo Nacional de Arte, INBA.
MEXICO---The Museo Nacional de Arte brings together 180 pieces from its holdings, private collections and commodatum agreement made up of various disciplines and techniques such as painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, feathers and mosaics produced in Mexico by national and international artists from the sixteenth to the twenty-first centuries. The exhibit shows three historic moments of plastic production – starting from the process of creation, reception up to the consumption of art – which form the museum's collection: the New Spain period, the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. [link]