Monday, January 26, 2015

American Churches Embracing "Worship Arts"

By Charita Goshay
Daniel Parsley (far right) conducts a rehearsal at Faith United Methodist Church in North Canton, where he has been Director of Worship Arts since July. Parsley and others say the arts not only enhance worship, but are themselves an expression of faith.
OHIO---Daniel Parsley’s family is filled with talented artists. Parsley serves as Director of Worship Arts at Faith United Methodist Church at 300 Ninth St. NW. While “worship arts” ministry is a relatively new term, the use of art by religion stretches back thousands of years. In the early church, art was used to explain the Gospel to common people, most of whom were illiterate. Christian artists’ depictions of Jesus and stories from the Gospels broke with the Mosaic prohibition of portraying deities in “graven” images. “It’s service within the worship experience; it’s a relatively new component of worship,” he said. “Churches, I think, are broadening out the things that are provided to people.” [link]