An Illuminated Bible for the 21st Century Comes to Indiana

By Scott Shoger
"Ten Commandments" (Exodus 20: 1-26) by Thomas Ingmzre
INDIANA---You'll have to head to Collegeville, Minnesota to see the original copy of the Saint John's Bible, the first hand-written and -illuminated Bible created since the advent of the printing press. Saint John's Abbey and University commissioned Donald Jackson (calligrapher to Queen Elizabeth!) to create the massive tome. But the next best thing is now on display at the Indiana Interchurch Center: an exhibition of 25 giclee prints of pages from the Bible — so detailed that you "can see the raised gold leaf," says curator Ginger Bievenour — plus a facsimile of the Pentateuch (the Bible's first five books). The show will be complemented by a month's worth of programming, including a calligraphy workshop, a lecture on the Bible's impact on the world, a panel discussion on social justice and the Pentateuch and a storytelling event featuring Asian creation stories. [link]