Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hand-Cut Paper Icons by Carlo Fantin Unites Catholic Art + Social Media Culture

By Nina Azzarello
‘Virgin With Twitter Tattoos’ 18″ x 12″, hand cut paper, 2014
Using paper as an artistic medium, with its distinct delicacy and fragility, requires a meticulous attention to detail and an extremely steady hand. following experimentation in drawing, sculpting, ceramics, and painting, italian artist Carlo Fantin was drawn to paper, for its quotidian quality — physically — and metaphorically, its use in the literally field, to tell stories and relay scenes. The series can be described by their synthesis of Roman Catholic religious iconography and symbols from today’s social media saturated culture. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram logos are ‘tattooed’ onto the face and body of the virgin mary, etched with lines sourced from the bible. [link]

‘Black Madonna of Selfies’ 18″ x 24″, hand cut paper, 2014