Friday, March 13, 2015

Asia Week in NYC celebrates an array of art as vast as a continent

By Martha Schwendener
A head of the Buddha, circa second century, at Nayef Homsi. Credit Collection of Nayef Homsi
NEW YORK---New York’s museums are filled with stellar exhibitions devoted to Asian art — and several more open on Friday. But the yellow banners hanging from lampposts on Madison Avenue uptown, announcing Asia Week New York, point the way toward less obvious but often museum-worthy troves of Asian art, lodged in innocuous apartments and galleries on the Upper East Side and drawn from 42 dealers, private collections and numerous institutions. From Friday until March 21, for the price of a MetroCard, you can see a vast range of painting, calligraphy, sculpture, ceramics and photography, and the annual Japanese Art Dealers Association fair, which opens on Saturday at the Ukrainian Institute of America (2 East 79th Street, at Fifth Avenue, through Monday). [link]