Monday, March 9, 2015

Caroline Mackenzie reminds us that women were also made in the Image of God

By Grace Ji-Sun Kim
At first glance, it is difficult to discern the shape or form of the sculpture "The Victim". On closer inspection it is a figure of a woman holding herself in a crouching state. She is vulnerable, weak, fatigued, and shamed. It is a state in which many women find themselves. 
My theological writings arise from my personal journey through faith and doubt, difficulties and joys. In similar ways, religious artists try to capture some of the biblical and theological stories that live in their hearts, minds, and souls and recreate them in different art media. One religious artist who tries to capture provocative theological images in art is Caroline Mackenzie. In her attempt to integrate the inner and outer aspects of her life, Mackenzie became increasingly interested in feminist theology. Mackenzie creates a form of art based on Christ's life that both women and men can identify with. [link]

The second sculpture is "The Crucified Woman".