Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bode Museum’s: “The Lost Museum: The Berlin Sculpture and Paintings Collections 70 Years After WW II”

By Elisheva Marcus
The second room entitled “Remembrance” mounts full-size black and white prints of these lost paintings. At the entryway sits Botticelli’s Madonna and Child with Candle- bearing Angels.
GERMANY---Directly after the war ended in 1945, hundreds of world-class artworks were destroyed or damaged in two fires, ironically while being held for safe-keeping in a military bunker in Friedrichshain, Berlin. This astonishing exhibition contains fragments of that art collection. The show will have special appeal to Berlin residents who may want to explore what once filled their museums. But it also has universal appeal to anyone interested in preserving the memory of these missing art treasures or those curious to see how to resuscitate art. The exhibit runs until September 27, 2015. [link]

Botticelli’s Madonna and Child with Candle-bearing Angels, 1485-1490 Photo by Elisheva Marcus, with permission from Bode Museum