Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Has the Bible gone from hot to not in the art world?

By Jonathon Jones
Barnett Newman "Adam" (1951–2) at the Tate Museum
Is the Bible hot? It is not – at least in the art world. New York’s Museum of Biblical Art has announced that it is closing, despite a big success with its latest – its last – exhibition about the great Florentine artist Donatello. If you think religious imagery has no place in modern art, consider Barnett Newman’s paintings Adam and Eve. Newman translates the Bible’s first man and woman into red vertical columns in fields of purple-brown: the nude portrayals of these inhabitants of Eden by earlier artists such as Albrecht Dürer become lines of stark abstraction. [link]
Barnett Newman "Eve" (1950 ) at the Tate Museum