Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ehab Mamdouh's geometric shapes convey the second pillar of Islam, "Muqueem"—prayer

SAUDI ARABIA---In his debut exhibition "Muqeem," Ehab Mamdouh adapts the human form into geometric symbols, representing the five postures of prayer. “In Muqeem I convey a fundamental tenet of Islam, embodied by the five daily calls to prayer, replete with attributes borrowed from classical Islamic art but infused with the contemporaneity of modern art—all in the context of contemporary Islamic art,” Mamdouh said. Referencing geometry in traditional religious art, his work is stirs conversations and debates regarding postures, Arabic calligraphy and human forms. [link]

Ehab Mamdouh, Muqeem, Series I, Untitled 7, 2014

Ehab Mamdouh, Muqeem, Series I, Untitled 8, 2014