Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Heaven is a place on earth: Finding the sacred in the secular

By Sarah Howell
We as Christians have got to get over the Christian brand. There are so many things out there that get slapped with an Ichthus fish on the label and suddenly can be marketed to church groups. Y’all—we are people of faith, not an advertising demographic! We worship a God who created all things, not just Christian things. There is a lot of Christian music, art, and theology that is destructive, and sometimes we can find more beauty and truth in other spaces. We should not be afraid to encounter God in these unfamiliar ways. Here are a few of the lessons I’ve picked up: [link]

  1. It makes complete sense to use music that already matters to us.
  2. Using music like this makes us hear Scripture differently.
  3. Using music we’re familiar with in an unfamiliar context makes us hear it differently. 
  4. Some secular music is much better at lament than Christian music is.
  5. “Christian” does not equal “good.”