Saturday, May 16, 2015

Movie Review: "Mad Max: Fury Road" finding Eden in anarchy

By Brett McCracken
HOLLYWOOD---The fourth installment in George Miller’s "Mad Max" franchise (and the first in 30 years), "Fury Road" opens with Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy taking over the iconic Mel Gibson role) situating us in the film’s scorched earth, post-apocalyptic setting. He sums it up when he says, “My world is fire and blood,” where everything “is reduced to a single instinct: survive.” The pseudo-religious language of death and subsequent glory in the afterlife is one of the rare touches of transcendence in the film. This is a post-God world, bereft not only of most forms of life but, naturally, most belief in a God who might care. And yet the film hints at an Edenic renewal and redemption from the ashes. [link]