Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nicolas Poussin's “Miracle de saint François Xavier” at the Louvre

By David Carrier
Nicolas Poussin, “Miracle de saint François Xavier” (1641). Oil on canvas, 174 2/3 × 92 1/6˝. © Musée du Louvre.
Normally an exhibition review focuses on the art on display, but it is impossible to understand Poussin et Dieu without knowing about the long history of diverse champions Poussin has attracted. At the entrance to the show, immediately after Poussin’s “Self-Portrait” (1649 – 50), is the large “The Miracle of St. François Xavier”(1641), often dismissed as a marginal clerical commission. If the show’s theme is Poussin and God, then why have these pictures been included in the exhibition? And why are the paintings shown out of chronological order? [link]

Musée du Louvre: "Poussin et Dieu," Paris | April 2 – June 29, 2015