Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Boros Collection is Berlin's example of the rise of the private art “museum”

By Ben Mauk
Home of the Boro's Collection in Berlin of around seven hundred pieces by eighty artists where owners/collectors live in their penthouse on the roof
GERMANY---Among some fans of contemporary art, the private collection has emerged as an alternative model to the mega-museum, one that function simultaneously as cultural institution, status symbol, and philanthropic outlet. The Boros Collection is one of three significant, privately owned collections of contemporary art open to the public in Berlin, along with the Haubrok and Hoffman Collections. Their collections, he (Hal Foster) writes, are “auratic as an object yet fungible as an asset. Although they get tax breaks (because they are nominally open to visitors who can book the pilgrimage), these neo-aristocratic institutions don’t pretend to have any real connection to the public sphere. [link]