Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Big Car to turn Garfield Park into Indy's next hip neighborhood

By Wei-Huan Chen and Will Higgins
Jim Walker, founder of Big Car standing in front of their new artist warehouse
INDIANA---The Garfield Park house is one of the city's more forlorn. The windows are boarded up. The front door is busted open. Trash from squatters is strewn about. In many ways it's another empty property plaguing this post-industrial area down on its luck since the interstate plowed through the Southside neighborhood in the 1970s. It's also a perfect place for the big idea to begin. And it works like this: Use local artists, and their art, to transform and revitalize an urban neighborhood. With initial plans to invest $1.5 million, this is Big Car's most ambitious gamble yet. Garfield Park, the group believes, could become a new artists village, a spiritual and physical corridor connecting Fountain Square to the University of Indianapolis. [link]