Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Buddhist Art from Asia's oldest museum, the Indian Museum, on view in Singapore

By Rachel Will
"The Great Departure" Gandhara, 2nd century, Loriyan Tangai, Schist, 48 x 54 x 8.6 cm (Courtesy Indian Museum, Kolkata)
SINGAPORE---Any guess as to where Asia’s oldest museum is? We’ll give you a hint, some of its treasures are currently on loan to Singapore’s Asian Civilisations Museum. “Treasure from Asia’s Oldest Museum: Buddhist Art from the Indian Museum, Kolkata” is currently on view at the Asian Civilisations Museum, commemorating 50 years of diplomatic relations between the city-state and the subcontinent. The exhibition follows the development of Buddhist art from the 2nd century BC through the museum’s collection of sculptures and paintings. [link]