Monday, June 29, 2015

Church founder to launch a holy war on Indiana's marijuana laws on July 1st

By Mark Alesia and Tim Evans
Bill Levin, founder of The First Church of Cannabis, shows his new sanctuary and talks about the first service, which will be on July 1, 2015 at noon.
INDIANA---As Indiana's pied piper of pot and founder of The First Church of Cannabis, Bill Levin naturally inspires elbow-nudging jokes about his church's holy sacrament. But the man who wants to introduce Indiana to legal marijuana use, and is about to put the state's new Religious Freedom Restoration Act to an unexpected test, is far more than a caricature. The church will hold its first service at noon Wednesday, the same day RFRA goes into effect. Levin, who greets people with two-armed hugs instead of handshakes, isn't sure how many of the followers he calls "Cannaterians" will join him at the small Southeastside church at 3400 S. Rural St, but he's preparing for a large turnout, including 22 local, national and international media outlets that contacted him about covering the service. [link]