Thursday, June 4, 2015

Kehinde Wiley reimagines classic paintings with modern twist

CNN. Amanpour.
By Mick Krever, CNN
Kehinde Wiley deliberately mixes images of power and spirituality
NEW YORK---To Kehinde Wiley, art is all about power. "It's been that way for hundreds of years. Artists have been very good at working for the church and for the state; communicating the aspirations of a society. What I choose to do is to take people who happen to look like me -- black and brown people all over the world, increasingly -- and to allow them to occupy that field of power." His ability to translate that power to oil on canvas is astounding.  Watch the interview with Amanpour 05:59 [link]
"The Lamentation of Christ" (1480) by Andrea Mantegna