Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bill Viola's "A Phrase from 'Chris'" now available on Sedition

"A Phrase from "Chris" (2011) by Bill Viola
Now available on Sedition is Bill Viola's "A Phrase from 'Chris," a digital video that is part of his  Transfigurations series. “Transfiguration refers to a rare process whereby both the substance and essence of an entity is reconfigured," said Viola. "In physical terms, a transfiguration is a change in form, a remodeling of appearance. The word derives from the ancient Greek ‘metemorphothe’ or 'metamorphosis,’ suggesting a complete reformation." For over 40 years Bill Viola has created architectural video installations, video films, sound environments, electronic music performances, flat panel video pieces, and works for television broadcast, as well as music concerts, opera and sacred spaces. [Buy Now]