Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kid's love "Minions" movie, but Christianity Today hated it

By Jackson Cuidon
Nephews and niece with their favorite Minions. They loved it! 
HOLLYWOOD---"Minions"—based on the sidekicks from 2010’s "Despicable Me"—is what happens when a studio is running out of steam. "Despicable Me" was a well-timed impersonation of goodness, though not all that mind-blowing in its own right—sentimental, star-studded, and as rote as they come. Minions traces the history of its eponymous heroes, a race of creatures who evolved specifically to serve the baddest villain around—like T-Rex, Napoleon, or the Sandra Bullock-voiced 60’s-era villain Scarlet Overkill. Probably, you’d be better off doing almost anything with your kid than taking them to see "Minions." [link]