Thursday, July 2, 2015

North Carolina Museum of Art’s Judaic Art Gallery reopens with larger selection

By Brian How
Gift of Thomas G. and Louise J. Coffey in memory of H. Arthur Sandman, 2013 / Courtesy of NCMA Standing Hanukkah Lamp for a Synagogue, 18th century, Eastern European (probably Galicia) with some 19th-century elements, copper alloy: cast, machine-turned, engraved, punched, partly gilded (eagle)
NORTH CAROLINA---All manner of renovations are underway at the North Carolina Museum of Art, and one of them has just come to completion. After being closed for five months, the Museum’s Judaic Art Gallery reopens July 1 with more space, new custom-designed glass cases and a larger selection of Jewish ceremonial objects on display. The renovated gallery is 50 percent larger than it used to be, allowing for the display of more pieces from the Museum’s collection as well as loans from the Jewish Museum in New York City. [link]