Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pope Francis endorses Masses with rock music booming!

By William Neuman
Congregants praying as a band played at a gathering of Catholic charismatics in Quito, Ecuador, on Wednesday.
ECUADOR---The rock music boomed as the congregants at this simple, white-walled church sang and clapped, raising their arms skyward as they prayed aloud and swayed to the beat. But just when it seemed like a Protestant revival meeting, the blessing of the host began and the parishioners filed to the altar to take communion, as in any other Roman Catholic Mass. Now, trying to breathe new life into the Catholic Church, (Pope) Francis has embraced the unorthodox practices of Catholics like Father Nova who belong to the charismatic renewal movement. The pope has attended gatherings of Catholic charismatics, and last month he urged churches to open their doors to the movement. [link]