Friday, July 31, 2015

Rare medieval panel purchased by the National Gallery thanks to Ronald S Lauder

Acquired with a generous donation from Ronald S. Lauder, 2015. The work was purchased for $7,683,797.
UNITED KINGDOM---Giovanni da Rimini’s "Scenes from the Lives of the Virgin and other Saints" - the only high-quality work from fourteenth century Rimini still in Britain – has been acquired for the nation, thanks to Ronald S Lauder providing the funds to enable the National Gallery to purchase it. The gold-ground panel, painted around 1300-05, had been in the collection of the Dukes of Northumberland at Alnwick Castle since 1853, until it was sold at auction in July 2014. American businessman, philanthropist and art collector Ronald S Lauder has now stepped in to provide the funding to enable the painting to be bought by the National Gallery. [link]