Saturday, July 11, 2015

Rodney Glick gives Hindu deities Krishna and Radha a makeover

By Brownyn Watson
Rodney Glick, Made Leno, Wayan Darmadi, Dewa Tirtayasa, Christopher Hill "Everyone no 83 2009," Indonesia.
AUSTRALIA---In early 2006 Rodney Glick visited the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, and wandered around the Indian collection, where he was captivated by the Hindu deities. The painting depicts how Krishna had consummated his love for Radha but then he was unfaithful with several beautiful cowherd girls. Radha, hearing of his infidelity, decided to overcome her intense jealousy. In this representation of divine love, the young lovers may well gaze at each other, but the sculpture also could evoke uncertainty about desire and commitment. Hinduism is quite open to the idea that things are impermanent, so what might happen when the lotus petals fade and drop? [link]