Monday, July 13, 2015

WND's Marisa Martin reviews summer pleasure trips including the Museum of Biblical Arts in Dallas, TX

By Marisa Martin
Museum of Biblical Arts, Dallas, TX
Summer at last! Beautiful winged creatures arc and call beyond our doors. Gardens are verdant, and glittering waters entice our children … who stare rigidly for weeks at tiny, glowing boxes in the gloom. Other wonders are multi-dimensional experiential sites, involving all senses and physical interaction, better known as “art museums.” Christians pondering the most significant book on earth will find many museums feature rare Bibles or religious objects and art. One of the most spectacular is the “Museum of Biblical Arts” or MBA, in Dallas, Texas. It’s the largest museum in the U.S. to display fine modern and classical art around biblical themes, with galleries in biblical archaeology, Jewish art, religious architecture, African-American, Hispanic and classical Greco-Roman art and more. [link]