Giving and patience results in Native American collection going home

By Micah Schweizer
In the reservation era, Blackfeet men adopted this Sioux-style warbonnet. The men who wore these early reservation warbonnets would not have actually worn them in war. Jenae Neeson/Courtesy of the Brinton Museum
WYOMING---At the foot of the Big Horn Mountains in northern Wyoming, a century-old ranch plays host to a small art museum. The story behind that artifact collection began more than a century ago. "It is one of the great collections of Plains Indian art," says [Peter] Powell, an Anglican priest and an adopted member of the Northern Cheyenne tribe and its chiefs' society. He also runs the Foundation for the Preservation of American Indian Art and Culture in Chicago, where the Gallatin Collection has been held for safekeeping since the 1970s. The new Brinton Museum was dedicated with a blessing by elders from the Crow, Northern Cheyenne and Lakota tribes. [link]

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