Sunday, August 16, 2015


By TAHLIB, Curator
“Seder” (2010) by Nicole Eisenman
Our August is a festive month of family birthdays, and that means storytelling around special foods and smells. The order began with blueberry pancakes for my mom's birthday. Fragrant flowers followed for my stepmom's 80th. Next were doggie cupcakes for Kasey (he's two). Tonight is chicken tenders with my mother-in-law; followed by Skyline Chili for me. Next come the meals for my niece and sister-in-law. Such rituals bind us, as illustrated in a painting of a Jewish Seder. "It’s not about the figure," the artist told Bomb Magazine. "It’s the storytelling that I’m stuck on." Our family tradition of birthday meals and storytelling is why the "Seder" by Nicole Eisenman is our NEWS OF WEEK.

In other religious art news from across the USA, and around the world:
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