A poor collector's guide to buying great Art, in 10 useful tips

By Henri Neuendorf

Erling Kagge is a Norwegian art collector, explorer, mountaineer, publisher, and lawyer. He gained fame for being the first person to walk to the South Pole alone, and he has also climbed Mount Everest. Today, he runs the publishing company Kagge Forlag, which he founded. One of his most recent releases is the book A Poor Collector's Guide to Buying Great Art, in which Kagge narrates how he built his impressive art collection.... [link]
  1. Be obsessed
  2. Accept that there are no rules, only deals
  3. Cultivate the perfect eyes, nose, and ears
  4. Hang out with people in the art world
  5. The gallerist holds the key
  6. Be an early bird
  7. Don't expect to make money
  8. Accept that the best price might not be the lowest price
  9. Accept that the best price may not be the lowest price
  10. Buy opportunistically at auction
  11. Be nice about money