Friday, September 18, 2015

Collecting: Banker aquires 16,845 idols of Ganesha

By M. Sai Gopal
Shekhar displaying his Ganesha idols at West Marredpally in Secunderabad.– File Photo: Nagara Gopal
INDIA--- If you have more than 16,845 idols of Ganesha, you are bound to walk into record books! This is what has happened to P. Shekhar, whose lifetime love affair with the idols of the elephant God has earned him a rightful passage into the Guinness Book of World Records for dedicating his life to collecting rare and unique idols of Ganesha. A bank employee by profession, Mr. Shekhar has varied interests but all related to Ganesha. When he is not collecting idols, then he is writing a book ‘Vishwa Vinayaka’ that covers Ganesha temples across the world. [link]