Saturday, September 26, 2015

Movie Review: ‘The Cut’ depicts the Armenian diaspora through a searching father

By Nicolas Rapold
Tahar Rahim as an Armenian refugee in “The Cut.” Credit Gordon Muehle/Strand Releasing
HOLLYWOOD---Fatih Akin’s “The Cut” brings the monumental scale of an epic to the Armenian genocide of 1915 without toning down the murderous cruelty and upheaval of the events. Great care is taken with the panoramic vistas of Turkish badlands and richly detailed interiors, the searchingly cyclical motif of the score and the portrayal of the wearying, touch-and-go ordeals of encountering friends and enemies on the road. But there’s a recurring — and frankly mystifying — shortfall when it comes to the screenplay, by Mr. Akin and Mardik Martin. [link]