Movie Review: ‘Prophet’s Prey,’ a documentary about Mormon fundamentalists

By Manohla Dargis
Warren Jeffs being escorted to trial in “Prophet’s Prey,” a documentary by Amy Berg. Credit Sam Brower/Showtime
HOLLYWOOD---To watch “Prophet’s Prey,” Amy Berg’s tough and disturbing documentary about a secretive, polygamous Mormon fundamentalist sect with unsettling roots in the region, is to grasp, perhaps, the unspoken reason the Arizona tourism office seems to be suggesting that visitors drive right on by. “Prophet’s Prey” was written and directed by Ms. Berg, whose earlier documentaries include “Deliver Us From Evil,” a contemporary horror story about Oliver O’Grady, a Roman Catholic priest and admitted pedophile who evaded punishment as he was moved from parish to parish for decades. He was finally defrocked and deported to Ireland, after doing time in prison. [link]