Wednesday, September 16, 2015

With "Everyday Saints," Young June Lew fleshes God out in Chicago

"Gaze 15-2" by Young June Lew
Continuing her pursuit of finding sanctity in the ordinary, Young June Lew is currently featured in a solo show at Chicago's Andrew Bae Gallery. Moving from a decade of painting figure-less garments to these faces of “Ordinary Saints,” Lew now creates a solemn army of “saints". The works have a medieval look, and she told the Chicago Reader, "I see very clearly the immanence of god in all faces." Located in Chicago, IL, Andrew Bae Gallery is dedicated to the exhibition of Asian contemporary artists with ties to Korea, Japan, and China.

The Andrew Bae Gallery: "Young June Lew" (Ends October 24, 2015); 300 W. Superior Street, Chicago, IL;(312) 335-8601;