Friday, October 30, 2015

Collector Dan Desmond of Morgan Stanley focuses on artists of his generation

By Eileen Kinsella
Left to right: Lauren Welsh Sparrow, Dan Desmond, Maryanna McConnell.
Morgan Stanley is the latest major finance firm to eye the booming global art market as a platform with enormous potential for bolstering its high net worth client business. In July, the firm launched the Blue Rider Group—artnet News recently spoke to Blue Rider Group member Dan Desmond about his team's approach to advising clients, including its focus on art world networking. "My wife and I have been focused primarily on artists of our generation and have acquired a number of pieces by Lucas Blalock, Richard Aldrich, Keltie Ferris, Justin Adian, and David Adamo. That being said we have a number of outliers.... The works in our collection are primarily abstract or conceptual." [link]