Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Divine, one’s belief in a God, is on exhibit in downtown Jersey City

SACRED POEM LXVII by Carole Kunstadt, 9 × 9 in. – Pages from 1849 Parish Psalmody, thread, 24 karat gold leaf. Courtesy of Drawing Rooms
NEW JERSEY---Since the beginning of time, art has been made for sacred and devotional purposes by all cultures. "The Divine and Sublime" is an exhibition inside a former convent that features 8 artists of differing religious backgrounds who explore the contemplative, consciousness, nature as a spiritual experience, and the sacred object. The artists include: Buhm Hong, Carole Kunstadt, Cicely Cottingham, Michael Ensminger, Pat Lay, Paula Overbay, and Robyn Ellenbogen. Victory Hall, Drawing Rooms, 180 Grand St., Jersey City, NJ; 201-208-8032; drawingrooms.org.