Monday, November 9, 2015

In time for Christmas: Daniel Mitsui's new drawing of the "Sacred Heart"

"Sacred Heart of Jesus" (2015) by Daniel Mitsui
ILLINOIS---Artist Daniel Mitsui lives in Chicago with his wife and their three children, and ink drawing is his specialty. Since his baptism into the Catholic Church in 2004, most of his artwork has been religious in subject, and in 2011, the Vatican commissioned him to illustrate a new edition of the Roman Pontifical. This month, in time for Christmas, he has released his new image of the "Sacred Heart of Jesus," which is available for sale online. "For the Sacred Heart itself," said Mitsui, "I started with the shape of a realistic heart, and reduced that to a stylized emblem." [More]
The drawing’s coloration is based on Italian white vine illumination: everything is either white or black, or colored in very dark shades of blue, green, red or purple.